Mastering Adobe Analytics

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Get more value out of Adobe Analytics

Do you feel like you know Adobe Analytics, but there's a lot more under the hood? In this series, Frederik Werner shares his advanced-level skills to help you get bigger wins and more actionable insights from Adobe Analytics. 

E1: Bring Organic Search Keywords and Google Analytics Data in Adobe Analytics

In the first episode, you'll learn how to:

  • bring both organic and paid search keywords into your Adobe Analytics setup

  • use manual and automated exports to connect search data from different sources

  • make your historical data available in Adobe Analytics, when you’re migrating from Google Analytics

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About the author:

Frederik Werner is Adobe Analytics Champion President, Adobe Analytics Champion of the Year, Adobe Analytics EMEA User Group Lead, Adobe Community Advisor, as well as Solution Architect at Accutics.  He is also the host of the award-nominated a blog and one of the leading experts in the analytics community.

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About the Mastering Adobe Analytics series

Mastering Adobe Analytics is the first series in the Accutics Academy. Each episode explores a different aspect of Adobe Analytics, helping you leverage its capabilities to their full potential and accelerate your career.

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